1. Rolling out the red carpet for new members. This section is for introducing yourself!

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    2. Have a suggestion on how to make MG a better forum? Have bugs to report or anything else? Feel free to post it here in this section.

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      Petition to make this an MG...

      05-08-2015, 06:35 PM by Dexter.

    1. Discuss manga in this section. Popular series including Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. We also have genres ranging from Shonen,Ecchi, Seinen, Shoujo and more. No Hentai allowed.

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    2. Latest Manga News Here

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    1. Anime and discussion forums. A friendly place for anime fans to relax and make friends, reviews, chat, and fun.

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      Space Dandy

      Today, 07:25 AM by blastguardgear

    2. Post your favorite AMVs (Anime Music Videos) or episodes in this section.

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    1. This area is for the writers of MG, come here to write stories and poems based on your favorite mangas, or make up your own original works!

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      Cool A Dragon's Gold

      05-22-2015, 01:21 AM by Shimus

    2. Come to talk about your favorite bands and songs here!

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      gangnam style

      Yesterday, 10:41 AM by verstop

    3. Discuss Current Events

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    4. A section to discuss your favorite video games and consoles.

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      Do you hold off until cheaper?

      Yesterday, 06:44 PM by Jesse

    1. Welcome all, to MangaGrounds Role-Play (RP) Section. Here we will have many sections where you can Role-Play, There will be many RP's that our RP Moderators will be over looking. We will be creating a Open Worlded RP shortly. The community will also have a section were you may create your own RP. In which case, you define the rules, and subject matter of the RP. Certain mangas shall also have a section for separate RP's.

      9 Threads
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      05-16-2015, 07:19 PM by Akira

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    3. Welcome, here in this part of the RolePlay forums is where you can create your own RP's based on your own rules. You can come here and have fun RPing with your friends. Wether you want to create a full on RP, or anything from RP's about Night Clubs, Birthdays, or just a chatroom. The possibilities are endless in this area of MangaGrounds. So enjoy!

      10 Threads
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      Lightbulb Original Character RP!

      Yesterday, 11:48 AM by MayFox

    4. Welcome to The Universe, Where most of our Role Playing will be done. Here we will have four "Planets" that will serve as our starting points. Each planet will have a Race and set of perks that is unique to them, And as we grow in size we will expand create more "Planets" so have fun and Enjoy!!!.

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    1. All Hail Sasuke Uchiha - Talk about how much you love Sasuke whenever, whatever, forever.

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